My lovely great-niece and school uniform

Image Meet Lottie, my niece Claire's lovely daughter. Claire and Lottie moved to Australia when Lottie was 9 years old, and she has grown into a fine, wonderful young woman. Lottie is now 17, and is in the English equivalent of 6th form college. Now take a look at the uniform. The shoes in particular. I remember wearing these sandals in the 1960s at junior school! And the whole school wears the same uniform from 11-18, without fuss or bother. 18 year old lads with huge long hairy legs, in short trousers and lace ups. And they think it's cool.

Where have we gone wrong in England? I know there is the 'should we wear uniform' debate in the name of individuality, but Lottie tells me her peers like it as it reduces stress and competition. 'No worries' she says with a singing Australian accent.

In a previous blog I wrote about nurses/midwives uniforms and had a great response. What do you think?


Here is Lottie just leaving for the beach. Everyone is proud of you Lottie!