So Australia, what will you be like in 1,000 years?



We just got back from a 25k bike ride along the coast (well some of the way) from Barwon Heads to Torquay. I saw lots and thought lots along the way. I cycled on long, long empty roads next to vast expanses of unoccupied land. The population of Australia is continually increasing, and I thought about when Cook and Philips first arrived here and this great land was only inhabited by the Aboriginal people. Such dramatic change, yet for the most part, Australia is empty.

Then I thought about the things I love about Australia.


Good (my view!)


Open spaces, traffic free roads

Sunshine and cornflour blue skies 

Happy people!

Tropical birds to see and hear 

Courteous slow drivers

Vast blue ocean, foaming waves and white sand 

Free BBQ stations along the beech

Outdoor life

Not so good

Lack of wifi for visitors...

Insects, bah. I'll never get used to them

Perceived racial prejudices


I'm sure there are so many different opinions.

Australia has a definite pull for us, and more so now that Tom and Claire may settle here. 

But Australia, what WILL you be like in 1,000 years?