Keeping fit (phew)...well, sort of!

Image Paul and I have been trying to get into shape. In Broad Beach Waters we were joined by Lynne and Frank and it was a ‘team approach’ with all the activities, jogging (not good) swimming, aqua-aerobics and cycling. It’s essential at our age to keep moving, but my joints aren’t always happy! The water aerobics at Burleigh was the best….and quite an education. Quite different to the English sessions we attend, as apart from being in the open air I was surrounded by 'Hollywood' women look alikes! And that included perfect lip liner. I had to remind myself  I was in the Gold Coast.

Anyway, we’re here now at Bondi Beach where Tom and Claire live, and it seems we’re the oldest by at least three decades. More to be told of that later!

We had a completely new ‘pool swimming’ experience on our first morning, at the famous Bondi Iceberg.  The adjacent sea was lapping energetically over the walls and into the pool...what an experience. I have never been in a cold (ish) saltwater swimming pool, and I found it bracing to say the least!


Yesterday morning we arrived for a repeat session, and the pool was empty and being cleaned. MIxed feelings....

Oh no! I am hot and really needed to plunge in.

Great! I don't have to swim a mile.

So we jogged along the promendade with ultra young fit specimens, and later in the day took refuge in the sea at Tamamara. Bliss.