Recycling and helping others.... another tick for Australia!


This is my niece's bed, on the 'nature strip' (grass area) in front of their house in Barwon Heads, Australia. When we arrived to stay with them, we already knew what that meant. Whilst visiting Bondi with Tom and Claire we discovered this fabulous recycling idea. 

Tom and Claire had completely furnished their rented accommodation with other people's cast offs...beds, tables, chairs, television. They's taken some from nature strips, and other items had been obtained via Gumtree. As we walked through the streets we would see items of household furniture left out in front of houses and shortly after they would be gone, taken by some grateful person. Apparently the council removes items that aren't possessed within two weeks, so streets don't become unsightly. We were staggered, yet amazed. Instead of taking unwanted items to rubbish dumps or selling them on eBay (I am sure that still happens) they were donated, free of charge. 

I know this happens in England, where possessions can be donated to raise money for charity or through the brilliant Freecycle website, but I have to say the idea and ease of using the front of your house really appealed to me. BUT, this may be tricky in the UK with the unpredictable weather...

So what about Lottie's unwanted bed? Well, it was taken by some lucky individual a week later.