Listography: top 5 things I love about kids

Image This is the first time I have joined in with doing the Listography thing, although I've read many of the others and thought it interesting and entertaining!

This is a photo of my children, just after the birth of my fourth baby, Olivia in 1989. Special moment. Now I am a grandmother what constitutes kids? Thought about writing about my grown up 'kids', but then it really got complicated. So I have focused on the new grandchildren.



My grandchildren have brought the memories of the intense love I felt for my own children, flooding back.

Once my children were grown and gone, I thought I would never be able to smell the warm neck of a child I loved again, nor feel nourished by a chubby hand clinging to my finger. So imagine my delight when the pleasures returned thanks to Seamus, Minnie, Quentin and Archie!


These same grandchildren tell us the truth when it comes to matters of the heart, and sight! My husband Paul walks Seamus (aged 6) to school and back every day. 'An old man like you came to school today, Grandad!' he said recently as he skipped along. And we don't feel old? We do after those comments!

But in the eyes of those little ones we are the last generation. Let's hope they have a good impression of our behaviour in our 'old age'



Kids have so much energy! Now that definitely hasn't changed....BUT now as I am older, it's more noticeable. We have less energy, but have more time to observe theirs! Phew....


I have noticed how my little grandchildren have adapted so quickly to several changes in their lives, and some tricky ones at that.

Good fun!

We laugh so much when our grandchildren are around us. Seamus keeps us on our toes by questioning our actions, and then make us smile with his take on things. In Holland (two of our grandchildren are Dutch) Minnie corrects my attempts to speak her language....ever so patiently...but we end up laughing out loud. And Quentin and Archie are unaware of their ability to make us smile....

We love it!