Grandmother in waiting


I am at home anxiously awaiting the birth of my eldest daughter's second baby. When the little one arrives, we will have 5 grandchildren, and each one caused a tummy twisting turmoil just before they made their appearance. When I gave birth to my four I was confident and happy as I approached labour and was lucky enough to have four positive experiences.

So why am I sat here in a tizzy? I swing from staring at my mobile for messages, to looking at the house phone and wondering whether I should call...and then I walk round the house doing half tasks.

It's hard being a mother to a mother that's labouring in another place, so hard. Please come safely and soon little one.

And then I wonder if my lovely late Mum had the same worries when me and my sisters laboured hard for hours?

That's what I'll do; I'll go to her grave and I'll ask her...