The bicycle and the Netherlands:perspective and fact

At the risk of being boring, I am once again going to applaud the Dutch and their transport system, especially the way they get around on their bicycles. I have raved about this phenomena before, and I may do it again!

This trip to Holland has given us a new insight into riding on bikes. Paul has got used to taking the children in Daphne's Bakfiets and that's no mean feat!

And I have had a great bike to ride on...

Now as a fairly competent cyclist in the UK, going uphill and down dale...I am finding that here cycling here is completely different. It's a common sight to see folks transporting their whole family (literally) on one bike! There are NO helmets, but health and safety is very much apparent as cyclists have priority in most instances and the cycle paths are everywhere. The children are taught road safety from an early age and are therefore aware of potential dangers.

But for me, my senses are well and truly heightened! I really have to keep my wits about me as I negotiate riding on the right-hand side, watching for trams, cars, bikes and pedestrians and traffic lights! Aaargh! But it's SO worth it. I absolutely love it.