The Land of the Respirators - #ENOUGH

Tired of the debate over cesarean section and normal birth? Well here is another way to look at it.


Hannah Dahlen making us think…. #ENOUGH

Once upon a time there was a land where more and more people began wearing respirators to breathe. In some places over 70% of the people were now wearing them. Every year around the world respirator use increased (except in the poorer countries where the uncivilised did not have the money or knowledge to access them). More and more companies produced them and there were many salesmen who got very rich. When people questioned whether this was a good thing the respirator salesmen said once upon a time before respirators many people died from the pollution they breathed and we don't want to go back to those days.

We are now in a modern world..

When people suggested we should clean up the pollution and seek more green ways of energy production and so the need for respirators would decline, the respirator salesmen said things have changed today and people will not want to give up all their energy producing equipment and we are now in a modern world that needs these things. When people suggested experiments had been done reducing pollution through innovative new models, reducing the need for respirators and these studies had even been published in the journal of Can Simply Reform (known as CSR for short) the respiratory salesmen laughed and said the experiments were flawed and the Modernisation Interventions Department of Wind Innovation & Friendly Environmentalists (known as MIDWIFE for short) were simply trying to take over and this was a dangerous trend as they were mostly women and quite emotional. In these lands where the experiments were undertaken the MIDWIFE researchers were getting incredible results and showed you only needed respirators in some valleys where pollutiion still existed. They also said that children connected better with their parents when their faces were not covered with a respirator and that long term exposure to the real microbe laden air was actually enhancing immunity. But the respirator salesmen laughed and dismissed the research saying breathing without assistance was deadly and that there was now a fundamental biomechanical mismatch between polluted air and the lungs. The respirator salesmen developed more and more beautiful respirators for people, some encrusted with diamonds and others so soft and lined with velvet that the people barely knew they were there. They fitted these respirators in beautifully decorated rooms with piped music and a free glass of champagne to celebrate. The people were impressed (well many of them).

Submissions in the basement

The government officials who went to school with the respirator salesmen backed them and said after all respirator sales are good for the economy. The journalists (many who owned nice respirators themselves) remained generally silent about it except when they could pitch an entertaining war between the MIDWIFE researchers and respiratory salesmen. When the MIDWIFE researchers said, 'what about the evidence and quality of life, long term effects and just generally the scientific evidence' the government said 'send us a submission and they stored in the basement with all the other submissions and then they went and had drinks at the club with all their respirator salesmen friends. Some lands had less than 20% respirator use and better outcomes than those lands with high respirator use but it all fell on deaf ears ...until the people rose up and said #ENOUGH 

The End...