Family, friends and lots of talent!

It’s been an unusual yet very happy week.  Happy because were with our son and his girlfriend, and unusual because we were guests in their home.  Staying with Tom and Claire and their housemates Helen and Andy was an absolute pleasure. How very inspiring to be around young ones who have passion, flare and a drive to do well, in a new country on the other side of the world. Image

Their little quaint rented home is delightful, full of character and charm…made more intriguing by the fact that Helen made fabulous innovative jewellery in one of the rooms, and Andy’s hand painted surf board was propped up in the corner. Andy works for a charity ChildFund, as a team leader and is responsible for securing donations to improve the lives of children, and leading and managing others to do the same. What an incredibly selfless and rewarding job to do.

Our son Tom is a brilliantly talented chef in one of Australia's top restaurants, Four in Hand in Paddington, Sydney. We were so proud to be invited to dine there on Sunday night, and were treated like royalty. The fine dinning menu was something to experience- we have never tasted anything like it. Tom chose for us....exquisite. We had five creative and taste bursting courses and equally delicious carefully chosen wines. What a treat.


And then there is the lovely Claire. Claire (Babsylamb) is Tom's amazing girlfriend and is the best waitress AND the most wonderful company. Claire works at Hurricanes, a popular eating place in Bondi....famous for it's steak and ribs. Claire seems to be the web that binds everyone together in the house, loving, caring, chatting and sleeping! Oh are such fun. Thanks to you all for making us welcome and taking such good care of us!

So we are now on holiday...down the East Coast heading towards Lakes Entrance. We have memories of being here before!