Hello again Australia!



As schools closed down due to heavy snowfall in England, we arrived in Brisbane, Australia, under clear blue skies and warm sunshine. There was a cheer from passengers as the huge aircraft finally came to a standstill, and I smiled. We had finally arrived on the other side of the world; my lovely son is in this wonderful country and to be honest I feel like I am coming come here. My niece Claire and her daughter Lottie live in Barwon Heads, and it’s only 15 months since we were here, staying with them. 

Frank and Lynne are as excited as we are, and Vi is coming to meet us. Lovely Vi.

 So what’s going to be in store for us this time round?  Some things we know as we have carefully planned them….but there will be I know the unexpected events that will hopefully make us smile.  And I have Bill Bryson’s Down Under to read again to remind me of the felonious beginnings of the Antipodes, and the delights we have yet to experience.

Here we go!