From birth to football....Holland is turning orange!

Image As my county celebrated the Diamond Jubilee and we watched the spectacular events on the BBC from Scheveningen in the Netherlands, we felt an enormous sense of pride at belonging to a British culture that supports the Royal Family and makes an enormous effort to let them know. Before we left for Holland I was struck by the amount of bunting, flags and Jubilee paraphernalia on sale in the shops and already displayed in streets and houses around the country. But of course it is a unique event and something to party for!


And here in the Netherlands there is an equal display of patriotic fever,

but it's all related to football! Orange bunting brightens up already beautiful streets, flags, tea shirts, dolls.....hats, everything that can be turned orange. Yesterday we saw four orange footballs dangling from a balcony of a house, in orange string bags!  Incredible. I am informed that what I see is mild compared to how it will be when the European Championship begins....

I really hope the efforts of the Dutch in supporting their country in this tournament passes over to their football team, and gives them the enthusiasm they need to do well.

Good on ya Dutch folks...your sense of community and loyalty is enviable.

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