A ladybug and a new bike!

I have said many times how I am intrigued by the fabulous method of transport in Holland, aka fiets! Daphne has bought a second hand 'BAKFIET', and it looks brilliant. It seems all young families use these useful and cool bikes, as when we go to visit we never fail to be mesmerised as a parent and up to four children whiz by. Love it. I can't wait to try to manoeuvre it next time we go to Scheveningen, but that may be a little too tricky! Minnie and Quentin will enjoy I am sure... Image

And the little ladybug. A Dutch ladybird. James sent me this pic to demonstrate how good his new iPhone's camera is, but I loved the fact that I could see Minnie's little pink Ugg boots in the background. Wish you lived nearer to us M and Q....