Champagne breakfast and rooftop fiz


We went off to Edinburgh for the weekend to see Colette and Peter, and we knew we'd be in for a treat as soon as we collected Andrena and Bill from their home in Waddington as morning broke on Friday. Andrena had made a feast, a REAL feast for breakfast...and the train had hardly left the station before the first bottle of fiz was popped open! And it was only 8.30 in the morning. Oh dear. Three empty bottles by the time we reached Waverely St Station.

The next 3 days were great fun, diamonds were checked out (not by me I might add), we dined at Le Monde on George St, relaxed at the Sheraton Hotel Spa (luxury of a different kind), danced until dawn with Colette's wonderful friends, and finished with an exclusive Sunday lunch in Harvey Nicks rooftop restaurant, overlooking Edinburgh Castle. 

As the train left the station for home, I wished I was staying a little longer in this magical, historic city.

Colette and Peter, what wonderful hosts you are!