Tilburg, snow and loud music....


It took us three hours (instead of 90 minutes) to get to Tiburg by car. The snow was falling thick and fast and the roads were treacherous to say the least. Paul drove steadily and Wad navigated carefully. I carried on knitting and reading and listening to the marvellous tails of Liz! We arrived safe and sound, and after a short time to refresh we set off in search of food, and James Byrom! While ' resting' we marvelled at the cyclist....just as in Holland...continuing to cycle even in the blizzards. The cars were few, but the bikes kept on coming.


James now works in Tilburg at LIVE, so we were going to catch him playing. But first we met up with him and enjoyed an 'eat as much as you can' Japanese meal. Remember going there with you Gill and Mark? The atmostphere in the town was great, the lights reflected on the newly fallen snow perfectly, and we thoroughly enjoyed the strolling around. We arrived at LIVE around 10.30 just in time to hear Jim play, and we met (and heard) the new guy from Bolton (!) and Paul and Wad even had a dance! Great fun....even at our old age.