Between the years


We arrived at No1 Grovesnor Cresent Edinburgh around 4pm yesterday, and really had a glimpse of future living. My nephew's company's luxury apartment is spectacularly decked out...and as we marvelled at the place that is to be our living quarters for the next week, we had to fathom out how to survive. The light switches baffled us beyond belief even though the instructions had been given to my sister....'double click the pad twice'...which pad? There seems to be several in each room that stay illuminated all night, which does aid visibility but hinders sleep! Basic actions like switching a light on and off needs serious concentration and patience....I consider myself quite 'techy' but the computerised control panel on the living room wall (which incidentally appears to provide a weather forcast and access to emails!!) is of Star Wars standard. Whilst the men searched for a home for the car, we decided on a cuppa..but another challenge lay ahead...the kettle didn't fit under the tap? The correct tap was discovered later. 'Finding the Cutlery Drawer' was the next game and lasted 10 minutes....we has no clues! Then my nephew telephoned and we recounted our trials with lots of laughter. 'Have you seen the extractor fan for the hob?' he enquiried. He talked me through it. A panel to the rear of the appliance was identified and the appropriate button pressed, and like a rising submarine the fan emerged from the work surface (as I looked at the ceiling above)....although it could've been mistaken for a flat screen TV! So, between 2011 and 2012 we are introduced to a new age...a sign of things to come.