The long haul and home sweet home!


My thoughts as i peered through the porthole window of the Ethiad plane to witness this spectacular sunrise over Abu Dhabi were bitter sweet; the overwhelming tiredness after 18 hours in confinement dulled the pleasure. Grace and Rob would probably be asleep as it was still very early, Three hours in the airport before leaving for Manchester was tolerable due to the free wifi ( a rarety in Oz!) and I am ashamed to say a meal from McDonalds. Not our finest choice...but the service was incredible!! 'Yes Ma'am the smiling girl asked ' Can I get you something?' My pleasure must have been noticed as I beamed back and asked for extra fries.... The care and attention kind of made up for the guilt and self loathing for eating such food, and I actually enjoyed it.....
Back on the treadmill for the last leg. Eight more hours to Manchester. Weary. The pull was great though: we were going to see our little men (Archie and Seamus) and daughters soon. Minnie and Quentin in Holland always pop into my mind and oh my, do I wish they were waiting to see us too!
We almost fell through the sliding exit doors at departures, and Frank's face beamed...not usual for us to have a loved one waiting and this was a TREAT! Kisses, hugs, kisses. Coming home is always strange, but lovely Olivia was waiting with Seamus and Archie...a roaring fire and some homemade soup....SO appreciated! The boys were hyper... and their smiles and little hugging arms made the long haul worthwhile. Thanks so much Oliva; it was a special homecoming. Exhaustion meant we weren't as lively when Anna arrived home later from teaching, so another special time was had the following morning! And then there was the reunion at Wadeplatt Farm. 😍
Home Sweet Home