Catching Babies....a memorable day in Australia


It was a beautiful sunny day! My book finally arrived and was in my hands yesterday morning, after a drive to Geelong to the post depot. It was a significant moment for many reasons. Claire, my lovely midwife niece and special friend drove Paul and I to the town with excitement, as we knew a parcel had tried to be delivered the day before. Geelong is where Claire works, and we passed her hospital in search of the street.

We sat three in the car and tears came as we saw the book for the first time, and my message to was an overwhelming ten minutes....then we walked to Cunningham Pier for champagne and lunch to celebrate.

Olivia has been reading a copy of Catching Babies; the one that arrived in Whalley last week. I recieved regular messages from her full of emotion as she enjoyed the words. Hope others who read it feel the same! Paul is reading avidly. Let's see what he makes of it......