Parrots and Koalas

Lottie at school today. I marvelled at her school shoes which are almost identical to the sandals I wore as a child. T Bar sandals. Apparently they are compulsory for ALL children here, no negotiating! This information was verified when I saw a group of schoolgirls from a different school later in the day, all in the same footwear! Great idea me thinks, especially after the battle of the shoes when our children were younger……

An early start (8.30am) and drive to Lorne to have BBQ breakfast next to the sea, bacon, tomatoes and eggs in full view of a Japanese tourist who was, apparently mesmerized. ‘Are you not cooking fish?’ he asked Tom. Fish isn’t in a full English he thought. Another delicious meal. We found one of Claire’s famous coffee shops and then off again to Kennett River Campsite and beach to find the tropical birds and koalas. Claire purchased some bird seed and we were off in full pursuit. We had had the pleasure of this activity before, but Claire and Tom where totally in awe. As the birds swooped and landed on their hands and heads they smiled and squealed with delight. The cute but docile Koalas where harder to find but we were advised by the ‘bird man’ to go further up the road which we did. A few closer glimpses meant that Claire was thrilled and happy! She even tried to coax one down from a high eucalyptus tree. We had to eventually leave them to sleep, and we moved back to Lorne for a fabulous drink by the sea, and some lunch.

A spot of thong (flip flop) purchasing, and a book for Seamus, and then a car journey home in full sun which reflected perfectly on the sea….. Another wonderful day in Australia