Lots to think about...


We left Sydney today. Sydney the wonderful cosmepolitan city, vibrant and modern yet set in ahistorical backdrop with stunningly beautiful architecture. Down the coast we drove passing through the Royal National Park to Kiama...a picturesque seaside town with palm trees, green cricket lawns, and white boats bobbing in the sea. The warm sun helped us to enjoy the pink champagne in Sebel bar, listening to a string quartet that were fortunately playing in the garden overlooking our seats....playing for the newly married couple and their guests. As we walked round the bay under the influence of a glass or two, I thought about how different life is here, in the Antipodes. The children seem to have more space, the adults more time. Lovely Claire is so organised and full of fun; as always a pleasure to be with. We are far away from home, but it feels like home because she is with us. Lil and Gearge have left us now, after lovingly caring for us and showing us the wonderful sites. What will tomorrow bring?